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Sauna Rituals

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Aus aktuellem Anlass sind Anwendungen in Hamam und Banja leider nicht buchbar.

Im Hamam heißt es erst einmal, auf einer der warmen Ruhebänke zu entspannen und zu schwitzen, damit sich die Poren öffnen. Danach holt Sie Ihr Telak auf den heißen Nabelstein ins Zentrum des Hamams, wo Sie ein Ganzkörper-Peeling mit einem Rohseidehandschuh erfahren. Sie werden von Kopf bis Fuß eingeseift, in eine Wolke von Seifenschaum gehüllt und mit kalten und warmen Güssen aus einer Schüssel gewaschen.

Classic Hamam Ritual
Approx. 50 minutes
(incl. subsequent rest)
95 €

Travel to the orient. A festival for body, mind and soul; Experience an oriental cleansing ritual, relax and sweat on the warm Ovmalik. Enjoy a full-body peeling with a raw silk glove, surrounding by warm infusions, in the ceremony. The highlight is a head-to-foot massage with generous soapy foam. All muscles are treated, tense muscles will relax, the skin's circulation is stimulated. The final cooling infusions, hot tea and fresh fruit complete the ritual.

not bookable at the moment

Seasonal Hamam
Approx. 80 minutes
(incl. subsequent rest)
140 €

To give your skin the required care, we recommend a full-body oil application after the Hamam, which will support relaxation and rest at night at the same time. Selection of the scent and care is always aligned with the time of the year.

not bookable at the moment

Garden of Scent
Approx. 110 minutes
(incl. subsequent rest)
160 €

Relax on the warm Ovmalik, while your skin is being prepared for the ceremony. Warm effusions flow around your body until you experience a pleasant raw silk glove peeling with subsequent soap foam massage and light stretches from head to toe. Intense strokes and aromatic hot-water infusions to stimulate circulation; Cooler infusions will refresh you to strengthen your circulation. The gentle full-body cleansing with an oil of your choice completes the experience. Hot tea and fresh fruit are provided for strengthening afterwards.

not bookable at the moment

Russian Banja
Duration: approx. 80 minutes
(incl. subsequent rest)
145 €

The Russian Banja is a birch wood sauna where the bannik will first welcome you with hot tea from a samovar and then accompanies you while you sweat, fanning you with birch branches and patting your body to stimulate blood flow. The bannik supports the subsequent resting phase with a back massage aligned with your needs.

not bookable at the moment