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Our various hotel restaurants are available for breakfast and dinner menus in the scope of half-board stays. Find "your" place as you like it, be it rather bright and full of light in the Green Vault, rustic in the Fisherman's Cottage or the White Beer Corner, or somewhat more elegantly on the porch. One of our eight hotel restaurants will surely be just right for you. 

The special offer: You can have breakfast whenever you wake up. Our breakfast is just what you expect from the countryside: Everything fresh and natural, just as if the chicken had just come by with its egg. Regional and organic products have been selected for you and will ensure a good start into your day.

Evening menu
The evening menu is put together and freshly prepared for you every day. We recommend the vital menu to those who love vegetables. Vegetarian or classic: we offer five courses. Select appetizer, soup and dessert at the buffet, and make your choise between two options for the main course, which is served at the table or you can make your own choise from the offers of our "open kitchen". In between you can make a side trip to the "Speis", where you will find hearty sausages and cold cuts from the region.  Finally, you should not miss our "famous" cheese buffet arranged in a special room - a special world in itself.


Enjoyment meets spirit - this could be the motto of our Hotel lobby. It is directly adjacent to our book store. 

Have a nice cup of coffee and a wonderfully generous piece of cake from our in-house patisserie while reading a book in the afternoon or enjoying a the view over an aperitif and a small snack.

The AdeBar

The evening meeting site for restful ours.

The name of our bar "AdeBar", refers to our "pet" - the stork and is the evening meeting place for our guests. The unusual design of the bar area and voluminous sofas in the adjoining rooms provide the  voluminous sofas in the adjoining rooms provide the setting for concluding the evening in an appropriate style. 

Country SPA Bios

In our  bistro "Bios"  the idea of wellness continues.
"Bios" means life and so we serve here selected drinks and snacks for gaining power and joy during the day. The Spreewald has been selected in 1990 as UNESCO Bioshere. Everything that nature and man have accomplished in this biosphere, is something special and worth protecting.

The predominantly rural life continues to characterize the Spreewald every day, which affects us in the "bios" in the design of our menu and can be described with words like:
authentic, casual, simple, rooted.

Die Schänke

In our tavern called "Schänke"  you have the chance to eat and drink well while observing our cooks during their work or watching the panorama and the sunset over the Bleiche meadows.

Die Sommerküche

In our "Summer kitchen" with direct access to the porch and a magnificant view into the landscape you can dine with your family or colleagues from your company in an exclusive atmosphere.

Die Brunnenterrasse

Dînner in evening sunshine.

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