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Celebrations & Meetings

Weddings, Birthday´s, Anniversary

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A wedding in the Spreewald is truly enjoyable.

Whether with a small "secret" circle or a large celebration with friends and relatives: we will take care of a happy and casual Polterabend, the civil marriage ceremony in our wedding room "The 8 Wise Men" or on the wedding meadow right by the water, as well as the details of the church ceremony in one of our Spreewald churches.

Wedding boats are decorated festively, the wedding cake is made, a romantic evening candlelight menu for two is prepared. Alternatively, you may celebrate wildly with your wedding guests at night in our Marstall with greenhouse, with good music and entirely undisturbed by outsiders.

The Bleiche at the heart of the Spreewald offers diverse opportunities for events of all kinds.

Whether you are having a round anniversary, are planning a company event or just having a happy party with friends: we offer lots of space, beautiful rooms - inside and out - and the help you need from our banquet staff to make sure that everything is working well-organised and just as you want it.

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Ihre Tagung im Hotel Bleiche bedeutet für Sie arbeiten und kommunizieren in entspannter Atmosphäre und naturverbundenem Ambiente.

Wir bieten Ihnen individuelle Tagungsplätze und Tagungssuiten.

Unsere Tagungspauschalen, variantenreiche Rahmenprogramme und ein vielfältiges gastronomisches Angebot stehen Ihnen zur Auswahl.

Nach einem kreativen Arbeitstag können Sie in unserer Landtherme entspannen oder Sie treffen sich zum Ausklang in der besonderen Atmosphäre der AdeBar.

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