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Boating is a "must-do" in the Spreewald. While the rivers are not frozen, "your" ferryman will slowly pole you through the far-reaching network in the magical Spreewald nature, telling interesting tales of the Spreewald history and life.

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im Spreewald

We offer morning boat trips very early, with the mists still covering the flows and everything very silent, tours into the sunset or in the evening.

As an all-day trip, we recommend a Hochwald trip into the core zone of the biosphere reservation. Starting out from the hotel, we recommend a round trip of two hours, and will gladly provide a snack on board.


  • Boat with tables, up to 8 persons

    Hauptsaison 01.04.-31.10.
    09.00-17.00 h | 85 € per hour
    Beyond that | € 95 per hour

    Nebensaison 01.11.-31.03.
    09.00-17.00 h | 90 € per hour
    Beyond that | € 100 per hour

  • Boat with tables, 9 persons and up

    Hauptsaison 01.04.-31.10.
    von 09.00-17.00 Uhr | 16,50 € je Person für 1 Stunde,
    22 € je Person für 2 Stunden
    darüberhinaus | auf Anfrage

    Nebensaison 01.11.-31.03.
    von 09.00-17.00 Uhr | 18 € je Person für 1 Stunde,
    23,50 € je Person für 2 Stunden
    darüberhinaus | auf Anfrage

  • Round trip from and to the hotel

    • Duration approx. 2 hours or as desired
    • Different types of on-board snacks
    • Special offers depending on season and reason

  • Morning tour

    Very early in the morning, with the mists still covering the flows and everything very silent.

  • Hochwald tour

    An all-day trip into the core zone of the biosphere reservation.

  • Glow bug tour

    boat trip into the sunset or in the evening.

  • Mulled wine trip in winter

    Wrapped in thick blankets. You may even be able to see a Lutki.

Boat ride on-board snacks:

  • Coffee and Spreewald country cake

    9,00 €
  • Colorful arrangement with fruit salad, vegetable sticks and cream cheese

    10,00 €
  • Spreewald farmhouse bread with herb lard and salt, gherkins and mustard (in very warm weather: radish bread with cream cheese)

    9,50 €
  • Spreewald herb quark sandwiches, gherkins and linseed oil

    9,50 €
  • Selection of different types of cheese, with bread and butter

    17,50 €
  • Spreewald snack board with crackers, ham and salami, plus bread, butter and Bautzner mustard

    14,50 €
  • Variation of poisson fumé, sauce miel moutarde et raifort, service with pain et beurre

    19,50 €

Villa Butterfly

Child Care

Wir freuen uns sehr, mit Frau Romy Popp eine sehr kompetente und liebevolle neue Kinderbetreuerin gefunden zu haben. So können wir wieder von montags bis freitags in der Zeit von 09.00 Uhr -17.00 Uhr eine kostenfreie Kinderbetreuung in unserer Villa Schmetterling anbieten. Unsere langjährige Kinderbetreuerin Renate Kohlstock, welche viele unserer Gastkinder in all der Zeit sehr lieb gewonnen haben, wird uns auch weiterhin unterstützen. An Feiertagen und Wochenenden sind individuelle Absprachen möglich. 

Unser Spielplatz lädt zum Entdecken und Erobern ein. Weiterhin bietet die große Fußballwiese mit der Tischtennisplatte sowie das Beachvolleyball-Feld viel Platz zum Spielen und Toben. 

Bälle und sonstiges Zubehör halten unsere Quelven in der Landtherme bereit.


Discover the uniqueness of the biosphere reservation Spreewald. If you prefer exploring the innumerable flows yourself and without a ferryman, a rowing boat is just what you need.

  2 Hours per Day
Double-seater 25,00 € 42,00 €
Three-seater 30,00 € 46,00 €

Pike, pike perch, tench, perch, carp, eels – these are the most common fish in the Spreewald; prey and predator fish may be fished. If you have a fishing license, you can acquire a day or week ticket.

Prices and organization on request.


Roughly 260 kilometres of "Cucumber cycling path" criss-cross the Spreewald. A cycling cucumber will point you the way. Away from the "Cucumber cycling path", a well-developed bicycle path network with good signage invites you to a bicycle tour between orchards and fields as well. You can rent e-bikes in our “Radlerscheune”.

  up to 2 hours up to 5 hours from 5 hours
Bicycles   8,50 € 11,00 € 15,00 €